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Track Name

  1. Between Us
  2. Get Up and Go
  3. Unfinished Words
  4. Lonely-Phobia
    Now She's Left You (transition)
  5. Piggy in the Middle
  6. Hold My Hand
  7. Goose-Step Mama / It's Looking Good / Blue Suede Schubert
  8. Ouch!
  9. Another Day
  10. Nevertheless/Joe Public
  11. Good Times Roll
  12. I Love You (transition)
  13. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik / Let's Be Natural
    Questionnaire (transition)
  14. Hey Mister!
  15. We've Arrived! (And to Prove It We're Here)
  16. Cheese and Onions
  17. Shangri-La
  18. Major Happy's Up And Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band (reprise)
  19. Love Life

About LUNCH Album

After being asked by aging A&R man Archie Macaw to make experimental mixes from The Rutles' master tapes for a collaboration with Circle of Hay, Stumpy Mountbatten, the son of Rutles manager Leggy Mountbatten was shocked to discover The Rutles' original tapes had vanished. Fortunately, 2 Rutles CDs were still in print and provided the material to create LUNCH. Working with these CDs and a computer his father bought surplus from the East Adelaide Primary School, Stumpy has created a unique soundscape. This album, which was featured in the Circle of Hay/Rutles collaborative production of the same name at Tulsa's Central Community Center, has been hardly expected.

"This album sounds like The Rutles again, because that's our music you're playing. Mine, Nasty's, Barry's and Stig's," said Dirk McQuickly. "It is, you know?"

"Stumpy's done a marvelous job using these songs. They're loud and musical, and I've even heard myself on things I wasn't there for." commented Barry Wom.

"Them again?" asked Mick Jagger. "Well, we just put out a new version of Exile On Main Street last month. Ask me about that."

"The music's alright. I think the most daring part about it is the name - LUNCH - it has nothing to do with the music at all. Oh, 'Cheese and Onions'? I suppose," said Paul Simon.

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