The Show

A Pre-History

Time Goes By, As We All Know

In the nearly 40 years since The Prefab Four - The Rutles - released their final album, "Shabby Road", the world has probably changed.

Men walked on the moon and then gave it up, finding that they could bounce higher and faster on backyard trampolines. The Soviet Bloc toppled like dominoes...except that, with Communism being inherently classless, the dominoes were all unnumbered. The recording industry, always a numbers game, stunningly found itself unable to go truly digital - where only 2 numbers are required.

Never ones to celebrate anniversaries, The Rutles are back because, well, why not?

Between Us

Ron Nasty, after turning his back on the world, thought better of it and turned his front on the world. This decision was widely applauded. He has not been heard from since a sudden attack of performance anxiety.

Dirk McQuickly toured with The Punk Floyd until the early 80s, before turning to a solo career. A short-lived friendship and collaboration with former child star/director Ron Howard soured after Howard bought the rights to all of The Rutles' movies, and in the late 90s Dirk's troubles only worsened following his re-marriage to a headless mannequin.

Conversely, Barry Wom has enjoyed great success as a businessman. He now owns four hair salons, and gives moptop haircuts to fans and customers alike every summer.

Stig O'Hara's stint with Air India brought him around the world, though over time he took fewer flights. A friendship with other airline professionals led to the formation of a new group they called Travelways Buslines. There was already a bus company called Travelways in Canada, however, so they abandoned the effort after only two chartered trips. Stig was forced to take an early retirement in 2001.

Life Is The Meaning Of Love

During a layover between flights in 2000, Stig befriended the founder of renowned square dancing troupe Circle of Hay. Over beers in the Concourse bar, they discussed the idea of doing a new show using Rutles music but lost touch after Stig's retirement. With the blessings of Dirk and Barry, who were easily reached, work began on recombining classic Rutle tracks in ways that could support a show and give this semi-legendary band another lunchtime.

They made the Sixties what they are today, and we hope we have helped make them that again.

The Circle of Hay/Rutles collaborative production of LUNCH ran for 3 shows at Tulsa's Central Community Center, February 29-31 2010.

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