This is a tribute...
Perhaps the most meta, niche tribute imaginable.

I've created this because I sincerely love these songs and the senses of humor that led to the creation of The Rutles.
I hope those people still have senses of humor.

This is not a for-profit enterprise - I make no money from this website.
I have expended tremendous amounts of time and effort (and money) on the production of the LUNCH audio, artwork and website.

It is my hope that this site and my effort will act as a tool of discovery, leading to the purchase of legitimate Rutles merchandise.


The Rutles were created by Eric Idle and Neil Innes.
The Rutles music was written by Neil Innes and is controlled by copyright.

The first Rutles album, The Rutles is controlled by Warner Music Group.
The second Rutles album, The Rutles Archaeology is controlled by Virgin/EMI.

© Rutle Corps 2010